About Us

When people come to us, they are often at their lowest ebb wondering how to proceed and navigate the legal system in order to achieve an outcome they believe to be in their children’s best interests. We offer a range of services here at Midlands Mckenzie Friend and Mediation (MMF&M). Primarily, our role is to advise people on matters surrounding Children’s Arrangement Orders, Divorce and Ancillaries. We are able to assess how to move forward after an initial free consultation, help fill in forms and keep administration organised, assist you in writing position statements, mentor clients in aiding them to stay child focussed and how to deal with court appointed experts (such as Cafcass/guardians), advise of the processes, accompany clients to court, help keep paperwork in order, provide support and quietly assist in court, take notes with the judges permission and sometimes – with permission, speak on clients behalf.

We are also currently working towards family mediator accreditation, so we are now able to offer mediation to try and avoid going to court and the associated stress that usually accompanies it. In the beginning of the court process, and indeed sometimes throughout, at times parties can have a mentality surrounding “winning” – that comes at a high emotional cost to one or both parties and certainly to the children.

In all of our services, our approach is always child centred first and foremost sometimes even above that of our paying clients. This is for several reasons, firstly, the kids are the most important factor in any CAO proceedings and the child welfare checklist is at the centre of all cases. Secondly, it helps clients stay child focussed and prepares them for the courts view. Thirdly, at the end of the vast majority of cases, when it all ends, parents have to be able to communicate over issues surrounding contact and their children, forever. This can be difficult after court particularly when things that are actually irrelevant to the court are said or done. Our aim is to get our clients through the court process feeling supported, well advised and equipped emotionally to deal with the after effects of court, court itself can be traumatic and have a far reaching emotional impact for parents and their children if clients are not mentored correctly.

We are highly trained in Domestic Abuse and Trauma Impact (on victims and their children). We are also trained to facilitate perpetrator programmes and Pat Cravens Freedom programme for teenagers. Whilst we don’t offer theses services under the umbrella of MMF&M we believe it helps our understanding of our clients and their children’s lived experiences and indeed the other party where DV is/has been a factor.

We are also able to offer supervised contact for children in the community where there is no conflict of interest.